Bonus Perks of The Network

Your generous support will allow us to build a network specifically for secular homeschoolers of gifted/2e kids. That’s why we want to thank you by offering the following additional perks (in addition to the previously listed benefits):

  • targeted audience for your co-op, curriculum, or organization
  • Membership Rewards for referring folks to our community:
    • Bronze (refer 2 members) – Social media shout-out
    • Silver (refer 10 members) – Featured Member Profile
    • Gold (refer 25 members) – 10% off all purchases from the Secular Gifted store (coming soon)
  • Access to exclusive courses (coming soon)
  • 1:1 coaching sessions (coming soon)

Together, we are building an all-in-one network for home educators of kids who are more. You’ll get more community, co-ops, curriculum, professionals, and resources, together in one spot without ads, spam, or distractions, so we can waste less time finding what we need and spend more time on what matters most–our kids!