About Southeast Central Texas Homeschool

Founded December 2018, Southeast Central Texas (SECTX) Homeschool is where kids who are intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic, a puzzle to figure out — kids who are just more — can fit “out” together. Launched from a desire to better suit the needs of my twice-exceptional (2e : gifted with one or more learning, behavioral, or emotional disabilities or disorders) son and a lack of secular co-ops in my surrounding area, I wanted to create something truly inclusive that was also a safe space for gifted and 2e kids.

We exist to serve the needs of both gifted/twice-exceptional/neurodivergent learners and secular homeschoolers in the Southeast Central Texas area. Whereas most homeschool groups align themselves with a certain religion, we have intentionally not done that so we can welcome all families seeking support.

What You Can Expect

SECTX Homeschool is inclusive; all homeschoolers who celebrate neurodiversity and respect all races, religions, ages, genders, political affiliation, etc. (or lack thereof) are welcome here. We embrace technology, use secular homeschooling curriculum, and support/advocate for gifted, twice-exceptional (2e), and other non-neurotypical kids. We serve Fayette County, Texas, and surrounding counties (Lee, Washington, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, Gonzales, Caldwell, Bastrop).

The group will operate using a mix of traditional co-op norms and evidence-based educational techniques that have demonstrated success with our gifted/2e/neurodivergent kids. Each parent/guardian will ultimately be responsible for her or his own kid(s). Ideally, we will have:

  • One dedicated meeting place
  • Volunteers for each class or activity (mentoring, clean up, organizing, coordinating, etc.)
  • Dedicated toddler/preschool areas
  • Mentor/student ratio of about 4:1

While we will begin by operating like a traditional co-op, we’re also doing things a bit differently. The idea is to focus on strength-based, talent-focused education using an unschool/Sudbury school (democratic) approach. Parents are viewed as mentors and facilitators rather than teachers in the traditional sense. The curriculum will suit the asynchronicity of gifted/2e kids rather than limiting a student’s education based on the student’s age or grade level. The classes will all be electives, in that students will vote on classes they want, and we will plan the term based on strengths, interests, and talents. The meeting place/day/time, clubs, field trips, and any other details will also be discussed and elected by majority vote at each term meeting.

SECTX Homeschool is working to develop a routine and is requesting a short-term commitment from interested members. All options and offerings will be revisited each term based on the interests and needs of dedicated members.

Types of Learners Served

SECTX Homeschool serves the following types of part- or full-time homeschoolers:

  • Gifted kids of all types
  • Gifted kids of all levels
  • Kids with overexcitabilities
  • Misdiagnosed (e.g. ADHD) or dual-diagnosed kids (e.g. gifted and _____), such as SLD (Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia); Processing Disorders (SPD, CAPD, VPD); ADHD; ODD; OCD; ASD (especially high-functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome); Bipolar Disorder; Tourette’s Syndrome; Sleep Disorder
  • NOS mood, attention, behavior, or intellectual disorders or disabilities
  • Kids who are intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic, asynchronousa puzzle to figure out
  • Kids who are just more

Curriculum & Classes

To help ensure we have the right materials and support for the success of all group members, we ask that families interested in classes be at the meeting at the start of the term. Once the classes are elected, announcements will be posted to the Group.

The group will focus on holistic, experiential learning (as opposed to subject-specific, linear education). If any traditional school subject is elected, we will find supporting materials for that strength/interest. We will aim to keep costs as low as possible so that more families can take part. All materials, curriculum, outside organizations, field trips, etc. will be secular.

Please note: While most of our kids are 12 and under, subject strengths and interests often transcend typical age peers due to their unique brain wiring. You may also wish to know that several families with older children have shown interest; however, we do not yet have the regular attendance necessary to plan activities specific to this age group. If you’re strictly looking for same-age homeschooling peers, teens may be better served with a group who has an established presence (unless you’re willing to be the first!).

The Extras

Meetings, meetups, and field trips will be open to all interested families. At minimum, we will have one field trip per month. An event for each meeting, meetup, and field trip will be created on the SECTX Homeschool Group on The Secular Gifted Network (see below for more info), as well as on this Facebook Page.

Technology is unavoidable in our global economy, no matter how fervently we resist it, so I have set up the group with G Suite for Education. I think it’s important for our kids to get used to using the same tech that is being pushed in public schools and in many businesses across the nation. As more people join, we can revisit the use of this technology on a regular basis. Reach out if you’d like to know more.

Expectations & Fees

While we are a secular group, we do have high standards for the moral and ethical character we exude to the community as a group and towards one another. The Code of Conduct and No Gossip Policy (found in the Group Documents) will guide us in achieving a welcoming environment where parents/guardians can feel comfortable and secure in bringing their families for good wholesome fun and support.

Fees are discussed at each meeting and are subject to change as the needs and desires of the group change. Currently, there are no costs for building rental, curriculum, etc., and for now, each family will need to pay their own way for classes, field trips, and activities. Secular Gifted, LLC is sponsoring SECTX Homeschool’s administrative costs, hosting, networking, scheduling, and resource sharing services, with the intention of covering additional expenses as resources become available.

How to Stay Updated & Steps to Join

The ideal way to stay updated on all things SECTX Homeschool is by joining the Southeast Central Texas Homeschool Group (the “Group”) on The Secular Gifted Network (the “Network”). Here’s how:

  1. Create an account or sign in to the Network.
  2. Click “Co-ops & Groups” on the left navigation, click the Group, and request to join.
  3. Join us at any meeting or public event.

The Network (like Facebook) is open to the public, so in order to better vet people, I’m first requiring an in-person meeting of any type before approving the request to join the Group. This provides an additional layer of security for the Group. Until we meet in person, you can stay updated via this Facebook Page. Meetings and events open to interested families will also be posted to Facebook.

I will post all other events, notices, questions, polls, documents, and other Co-op items only to the SECTX Homeschool Group on The Secular Gifted Network. Click here to join instantly. Once you have been added to the group, please be sure to visit the Welcome and SECTX Homeschool Documents sections (called “Topics”).

To Wrap Up

I hope you’ve learned a bit more about Southeast Central Texas Homeschool. If you have any questions or are interested in collaboration, you can reach me via email: stacie at seculargifted dot com.

Potential SECTX Homeschool members are welcome to attend events and field trips listed on our Facebook page.

Because Secular Gifted, LLC is sponsoring SECTX Homeschool, Group members gain access to everything Southeast Central Texas Homeschool has to offer as well as the benefits and bonus perks of The Secular Gifted Network.