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I’m Not (fill in the blank), I’m Gifted

Real Life

The dentist asks my seven-year-old son what grade he’s in, and he stares at the wall behind her, wondering what she means exactly

You know the look.

Does she mean what grade level am I on, and if so, which subject? Should I say I’m homeschooled? Why does she want to know? Does she even know what homeschooling is about? Am I gonna have to explain that to her? Continue reading I’m Not (fill in the blank), I’m Gifted

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Hello and Welcome!

Howdy. Welcome to my modest corner of the internet. I’m glad you’re here, and I’m excited to see what we will become. Be sure to check out not only my blog and store (coming soon), but also my membership community where I am posting all the co-ops, curriculum, resources, and organizations I can round up for peer-review (with rating scale coming soon). I’ve already posted some great stuff, so be sure to start here. My goal is a no-nonsense, comprehensive site for all things secular and gifted homeschool free from ads, spam, and noise. Join the community and keep the conversation going!